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For My Boys pt 1 - Original Relief Painting
  • For My Boys pt 1 - Original Relief Painting

    This one is for my boys. My brothers, my nephews, my students, and my sons soon come. I see you. My heart leaps at your joy. my spirit wishes to wrap you in an armor of love that this world cannot penetrate. To listen and share. To ebb and flow to give and receive. I dream of balance for you. I speak a life of freedom, challenging enough to strengthen you without breaking. With ease enough to not coddle. I speak laughter, and friendship deep enough to lay down your shields, to be. Just be without masking, or performance. To grow up whole in Shalom, nothing missing, lacking or broken. May you find purpose and satisfaction, a life rich beyond imagining.


    Mixed Media: Acrylic, Papers, Foam, on Canvas (Ca,  Approximately 27" x 24"), 2024



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