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Collection: Mother Sister | Sister Mother

My parents married young, and had me when they were 21.  In life, we begin with our parents caring for all of our needs. We become independent, but in need of wisdom.  We grow and gain our own wisdom and prepare for the time in which we care for all of our parents needs.  My mother is still young and strong.  But we've reached a time period in simultaneous independence and wisdom.  My mother and I are like sisters right now.  This series is exploring this stage of our relationship

Seasons Change.JPG

Seasons Change

 (c) 2023 Reshada Pullen-Jireh. 24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas

My mother is peeking into her fall.  weighing her options for retirement, downsizing her home debating moving closer to one of her children.  Navigating what the rest of life looks like.  I'm solidly in the summer of my life.  Established in my womanhood.  No longer needing permission for all the things.  I'm expected to have the answers.  Supporting my mother through her changes, embracing my own.  I treasure this shared life together.

Reshada Pullen-Jireh _ Mommie and Zuri.JPG

Mommie and Zuri

 (c) 2023 Reshada Pullen-Jireh. 36"x48 Acrylic on Canvas

Open Doors, Open Arms.jpg

Open Doors, Open Arms

 © 2017 Reshada Pullen-Jireh. 24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas

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