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Kids Spring 2021


Kids Summer 2021


Studio Creative F.A.Q.

How long is registration?

Classes Spring Classes begin February 1, 2021. However you may register your child for Spring classes until March 1.

What if I have to register late?

If you register after the start date, no worries!  You will still receive all of the supplies and your child will have access to ALL of the past lessons and Zoom content on the Studio Kids pages.

When are the lessons?

Lessons are-learn-as-you-go.  New lessons are made available on on Tuesdays and Thursdays

What kind of paint are the students using?

Watercolor paint for 4-9 year olds. Most materials made for children claim to be washable, but I never guarantee that it washes off of clothing.  Please wear the provided apron while painting.

Watercolor Pencils for the 10 and up classes.  This allows students to easily create works with the details they crave while learning how to paint.

Acrylic Painting and Digital drawing is available for teen classes only.

Do you have whole school rates?

At the moment I do not have set whole school / program  rates as each facility has different needs.  Please email if you are interested in having Studio Classes for your organization

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Adult Foundations


Coming soon.

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