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Light of the Sun 
Video Instructions


  1. Prepare your workspace prior to painting.

    • -Set up in a well lit area.

    • Cover your table with a cloth or newspaper.

    • Use a disposable cup for rinsing your paintbrushes, a disposable plate to mix colors, and paper towels to dab any spills.

  2. Keep all electronic devices far enough from your painting area, you don't want to damage your things.

  3. Do not wear clothing that you care about.   Acrylic paint is not washable.

  4. Play your own music that fuels your creativity.

  5. Wash your paintbrushes, and save them for another opportunity!

  6.  Relax, enjoy and trust the process. 

  7. Share your beautiful painting on instagram and other social media.  Tag @reshadapj on instagram. Use the hashtag  #andpaint.

Light of the Sun

  1. After you set up, watch the video.  Pause and rewind when you need to.

  2. Paint along with the video.​​

    • Outline the semi-circle of the sun's face with yellow.  Outline the facial features with yellow.

    • Mix white and yellow to make a light yellow, Fill in the face with light yellow.

    • Paint the gums red.

    • Paint the lips orange

    • Paint the iris of the eye black.

    • Add additional details to your face as you choose.  

    • Allow the face to dry for about 2 minutes.

    • Paint the triangle sun rays with orange and light orange in an alternating pattern..

    • Paint the "v shapes around the triangle rays red.

    • Paint the rectangles black.

    • Allow the painting to dry for 2 minutes.

    • Paint the background blue.

    • Let the painting dry for 2 minutes.

    • Add your own fun designs to make your painting unique.

  3. Let your painting dry.

  4. Take a photo and post to social media and tag @reshadapj.

  5. Join us for another &Paint Party

Light of the Sun &Paint.jpg