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Thank you for purchasing "Closer" an &Paint SoloKit


  1. Prepare your workspace prior to painting.

    • -Set up in a well lit area.

    • Cover your table with a cloth or newspaper.

    • Use a disposable cup for rinsing your paintbrushes, a disposable plate to mix colors, and paper towels to dab any spills.

  2. Keep all electronic devices far enough from your painting area, you don't want to damage your things.

  3. Do not wear clothing that you care about.   Acrylic paint is not washable.

  4. Play your own music that fuels your creativity.

  5. Wash your paintbrushes, and save them for another opportunity!

  6.  Relax, enjoy and trust the process. 

  7. Share your beautiful painting on instagram and other social media.  Tag @reshadapj on instagram. Use the hashtag  #andpaint.

Closer Steps

  1. After you set up watch the video.  Pause and rewind when you need to.

  2. Paint along with the video.

    • Paint the background purple​

    • Outline his skin with a dark tone

    • Fill his skin with a midtone.

    • Outline her skin with a dark tone

    • Fill her skin with a midtone.

    • Paint their hair whatever color you choose.

    • Paint the shadows and highlights.

    • Fill the background with tinted strokes

    • Add any fun details you like

    • Paint the edges of your canvas.

  3. The goal is not to create your painting exactly the same way, the goal is to have fun painting.

  4. Let your painting dry.

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