Calypso Mermaid - SoloKit

Calypso Mermaid - SoloKit


Calypso features a lovely little mermaid swimming lengthwise with some fishy friends.  This paint kit comes with skin tones and a reference sheet to make it easy for you to paint a mermaid that reflects the people you love! 


Can't make the party? Need some creative self care? Want to make memories for just the two (or few) of you?​


Buy an &Paint SoloKit!


Each &Paint SoloKit comes with an 11"x14" canvas, paintbrushes, the perfect amount of paint and step by step video instructions sent straight to your inbox.


Pour your own drinks, chill and paint your cares away!


You will recieve links to your instructional video after you purchase.



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    Free Shipping for orders $70 or more!